Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend and such

On Sunday Liam and I went to cheer on Daddy at softball. Liam was much more interested in playing in the dirt. What is it with boys and dirt…he was drawn to it like a magnet!

 downsized_0912001602b  downsized_0912001602

Stroller wheels can entertain him for a solid 20 minutes. Check out that wind blown hair do…ya’ll will laugh to know that I styled his hair for a lunch date we had today with Erin and Berkley…yupp with the little bit of hair he has I managed to style it.


We have had a taste of fall weather here recently and Liam got to put on his jeans again. I just could not get over the curtness of him in jeans..and of course he is spinning the wheels again.


Liam and I had dinner by ourselves tonight and enjoyed a nice non-Daddy approved (he is super picky) dinner… sautéed tofu (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it) over pasta with a tomato cream sauce

 IMG_2898 IMG_2900

and some peach shortbread for dessert.


Tonight I found two shirts that I am going to order Liam’s for his birthday celebrations next month. The real planning and prep for his party is starting and I can’t believe it, his first birthday…so exciting! I wanted to do a theme that captured what his first year was all about. Since so many of his toys are Baby Einstein I thought it would be a cute theme. We are going simply for all primary colored decorations and a few Baby Einstein caterpillars. Here is the invitation i have been working on… i NEED to get them printed ASAP and yes, i cried the first time i typed our “as Liam turns one”.


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Stephanie said...

What a cute invitation and such an original party theme! The party is going to be awesome!