Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Liam Lately

I noticed yesterday that Liam got his front left tooth, YAY! With all of his others a little corner popped though but this front one came though all at once. He wanted to spend the whole day snuggling and especially liked being wrapped up in his blanket to watch Sesame Street.


I really thought last night that since the front tooth had come though the mood in our house would shift but I was wrong. Liam was just as fussy today as he has been the last few days. Then I noticed his other front tooth is RIGHT THERE …any day now!!! Thankfully a dose of Tylenol and a good nap helped this afternoon.

Check out my redneck baby in only his diaper and camo boots. FYI these are the best “shoes” for little ones!! The are called Skidders and are made with a thick but flexible sole to promote healthy foot development. They are great for Liam when he wants to stand when we are out and about …. and soon enough toddeling about.


The other night I was grilling outside while Liam was having an “all I want is my Mommy” kind of night. When I came in this is what I saw. He had climbed into his stuffed animal basket to get closer to the window to see me.

DSC02713 DSC02714

Liam’s new thing to do every morning is lick the remnants of Alex’s coffee once he is done….every day!


Today we learned the fun is taking pictures of yourself. I would take our picture and then show him and he got so excited to see us on the screen.



The Bignon Family said...

Beyond adorable! And I LOVE those boots. I need to get some!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

That last pic of you two is melt-my-heart adorable! You need to frame it!

Sarah said...

i want some of those shoes for landon! and i agree, that last picture is awesome! :)