Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Uneasy day in the TTC department


I am trying so so so so hard to stay positive, relaxed, and keeping in the mindset of it will happen when it is suppose to happen BUT it is so hard because when it comes down to it i cannot suppress the feeling of i want it to happen now!! I have been tracking my temperature every morning and paying attention to CM changes. This month i bought a OPK (ovulation perdition tests) because i wanted reassurance that the process was actually occurring. Why? because i do not see the significantly important EWCM (egg white fluid) that is present during ovulation. When i was younger i clearly remember it but have not experienced it in over four-five years now. Last month i saw in increase in watery CM around CD 12-16. Last month my temperature tracking was not as religious as it has been this month but at CD14 my temperature had risen above the coverline.

So...why am i uneasy today because i started taking the OPK tests on Monday with the notion that i should get a positive on Wednesday because ovulation should occur Thursday well today is Wednesday and the test was negative which means that i will not ovulate within the next 12-48 hours. I also have had realativly dry CM which is very odd for me at this stage in my cycle and the symtom that i making me the most concerned.

I was looking into the sperm frieldy lubricant called preseed today. It is said to mock the consistancy of EWCM to help cenception occur. They stock it in a drug store on the NE side of Indy. I am debating on driving up there and getting some but i am not sure. I kind of want to stick this cycle out and see if the increase in BD-ing and laying down after our dates will be enough to do it and then look into preseed if we are back in this position again next month. I really hope that we arn't, obviously. I really do not know what else to do to increase my changes this month. I also look musenix this morning which is suppose to help thin CM...we will see.

Alex's family is coming to visit March 3rd and i really really hope that we have exciting news to tell them, i am praying :-)

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