Tuesday, November 27, 2012

O' Christmas Tree(s)

On Saturday we on a whim decided to put up one of our trees. Liam was so excited when we turned the lights on!

Two hours later we (and by we i mean I) put together our second tree. 

Fast forward to today and i got both of the kids trees done plus the rest of the house!!! We are settling for some instagram shots of their trees since they are in bed right now. 

Lucy's tree is so cute in person, it does not photograph well. It is a white tree with white lights and pink tulle is strung throughout it. The ornaments are a mix of light pink, light green and gold, it matches her room perfectly with the "vintage chic" theme. 

Liam just loves having the tree um, he asks to turn it on first thing in the morning. 

I sparsely decorated the bottom half of the tree with little miss curious in our household but she has done surprisingly well with the tree so far. 

Today we got our fist legit snowfall. When Lucy went down for a nap Liam and i headed out for a snowball fight and snowman making. 

Here are our downstairs trees for this year. I just love love love having our Christmas trees up! 


Sarah Campbell said...

wow! beautiful trees!! you're so talented.

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Holy cow, they look straight out of a magazine! I love that gold ornament topper on the 2nd tree - it's so funky and cool :).