Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Catch Up

Instead of breaking all of our recent adventure into separate posts I am just going to put them all together in one big one (really big one). We have been having so much fun the last few weeks and our weekends have been packed with things to do and memories being made.

Playing in the leaves has become a very fun outdoor activity for the kids. Liam LOVED jumping in the leaves and Lucy was cracking up trying to burry herself in them.

The day after Liam's birthday party we took the kids to the annual Apple Festival at a local orchard. Liam loved getting to see (and touch) the fire truck and of course they both loved eating fries. 

Liam was scared to ride the pony but he wanted to pet him and the nice people let him. 

High five for awesome fries! 

The Monday after Liam's party was Liam's actual birthday so we took the kids to Roba's which is a pumpkin patch and all around fall wonderland! They both had a blast!! 

Feeding the animals was one of Liam's favorite things to do.

Hay ride, pulled by a "big green tractor" which is Liam's favorite thing right now. 

Playing in the sand with the "big green tractor" was Liam's favorite thing to do!

wresting...oh course

After we got home, and attempted nap time, we took Liam over my parents house so he could ride his bike. Evan was there which made it even better for him. They love playing together. 

Last Monday the kids and I carved our pumpkin for Halloween, this was 7 hours before we lost power for three days. 

Painting our tractor pumpkin green, of course.

We were so so so so lucky that of all our family we were the only ones to lose power for a long duration of time so we spent almost three days at Alex's parents house until we got power back. 

Halloween 2012!! For MONTHS Liam has been adamant that he wanted to be a pumpkin for halloween, so here is our little pumpkin.

The summer before Lucy was born Alex's Mom and I picked up this Halloween costume at a yard sale. It was a kids size 3-4 so i figured we'd have it stored away for a while.... is Lucy wearing it at 13 months old.

Trick or Treating

My little fashionista...

Cupcakes lately.... remember if you are in the NEPA area to "like" Pink Balloon on Facebook, we are expanding into new areas and i could not be more excited about it!!

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