Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lucy at 13 Months

I remember when Liam turned 13 months old, i didn't intend on doing a monthly post that month but did because he had changed so much in the four short week since his birthday and the same holds true for Lucy. It is amazing how much she has changed into a little toddler in the last few weeks. She is walking all over the place! She rarely, if ever, crawls anymore. She loves to play "chase" with Liam and run laps around the downstairs. 

She is talking... a lot! Lucy was an early talker compared to Liam but in the last few weeks she has learned so many new words. She says everything from Hi to Bye, Mama and Dada, fishie, doggie, cat, ball, baba, bap (paci), ni ni (at bedtime), cake, super g (for super grover), bobo (elmo), eat, and a few more. 

A new thing she's been doing that both cracks us up and drives us crazy is going in the pantry and picking out a snack and then shoving it at us saying "eat, eat, eat" until she gets some. Yes, it is adorable but not after she just puts back a HUGE lunch or dinner and wants a snack 10 minutes later. Oh that note she still has her Lucy sized appetite and loves food. Still eating great and trying new things. One of her new favorites is peanut butter and jelly. She is still taking a bottle of whole milk right before bedtime but drinks from her sippy cup during the day.

She has turned into our little fashionista and makes requests. She loves shoes! She loves to go in the shoe cubby and find her shoes and then bring them to mean so she can wear them around the house. She's been wearing her furry winter boots around all week. She also likes to try and put her bows in her hair....and pulls them out to try to put them back in.

She is such the little instigator! She loves to push Liams buttons and get him all worked up. We are going to have our hands full with this one that is for sure! 


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

whenever i read your posts about her i get even more excited for a girl!!! :)

Bekah said...

Oh she is so cute! Luke is always the one starting the tussles here too! Must be a second child thing!