Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Learning curve...

Meet the newest "member" of our family....

On Friday my computer (Alex's old laptop) kicked the big after much debate i decide to go with a MacBook pro. I got my iPhone over the summer and to say i love it would be an understatement. There is so much i can do with it and so much it has been able to capture for me, from pictures, to journaling, and learning tools for Liam it has rocked my world. I know a few people that have Macs and all say once you go Mac you don't go back, plus a lot of the programs i use (photoshop and lightroom) just seem to run better on Macs. So my friends, that is why i decided to switch teams. Big thanks you to Alex for making this purchase for me, i am so so grateful for it!

One of the things that I am really missing is windows live writer, if you are a blogger and running windows but don't use this program go get it RIGHT now! Seriously it will change your blogging life forever! I makes everything so easy. Basically there is no equlivent for Mac, which is crazy to me ... maybe i should make one :-) So i am back to using the regular blogger platform which i am not a fan of because it makes adding pictures more difficult. So bare with me on posts and pictures until i get my bearings and decide how to proceed. I have been doing a lot of digital scrapbooking (for both project life and the kids indivuldal yearly albums) so i may just end up posting those documents instead of multiple pictues, we will see.

Anway, we have been hit with some nice weather here in PA, windy but sunny and in the 50's so i'll take it. Liam got to go outside over the weekend and show off this soccer skills, he was so excited to get back outside and run around! Right now I am sitting at my computer with a straighted up house, the kiddos are napping, the windows are open and i am warming a spring smelling scentsy (camu camu) about #1000gifts. There is just something about cleaning with the windows open that makes it so much nicer.

We started to give Lucy actual baby food recently, she was just getting brown rice cereal here and there but the kid was so ready for food. She would get so mad at me in the moorings (after she had already eaten) when i would eat my oatmeal in front of her. She'd look at the bowl, watch the spoon, and then scream when i would eat it. Low and behold i fed her some cereal right after and she devoured it. One thing i am doing differently with Lucy then with Liam is making her food. I have turned into quite the "crunchy Mama" since having Liam so it seemed fitting and cost effective. I made her roasted carrots and roasted apples over the weekend and she has been loving both of them. Last night we had our first dinner with all four of us at the table.

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