Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy 6 Months Lucy

Dear Lucy,

Happy Half Year Birthday!! It has been a really nice month. We had some really nice weather and for once the month didn’t fly past us, we really got to soak it up and enjoy everyday. Being that we had such nice weather we learned that not only do you love being outside but you love sitting in the grass and digging in the dirt. Girl, you are going to fit into the county living real well.

You are still trying your hardest to crawl and let me just say Liam is in trouble when you do finally take off because we all know you are going to be his tail all day long. You LOVE your brother so much. This month you started laughing at each other and interacting while playing, it is just the best thing! He thinks it it hysterical when you are in the doorway jumper (jumping like a crazy baby) and when you try to "run" in the exersaucer, he always says "HAHAHA DeeDee flying".

You got your piggies painted for the first time this month, ooooh the cuteness of those teeny tiny toes painted hot pink. You found your feet this month and just love playing with them!

You really like your exersaucer. You can turn around in that thing so easily, I don’t remember Liam ever turning himself but you whip around to all the toys so fast. You love to play with every toy on it and especially love flipping the pages on the animal book. You also like sitting up and playing with Easter eggs, your black and white blocks, and your caterpillar mirror. You are getting better each day with your independent sitting but you are so active that you forget what you are doing and reach for something and topple over pretty fast most of the time. If you are content and playing with something in front of you you are steady as can be. You went on the swings for the first time and laughed and smiles the entire time, you loved it!

You took to your paci a little more this month and can put it in yourself like an old pro. One day you were playing in your exersaucer and had your paci, it fell out and you looked down, picked it up and popped it straight back in your mouth and went along playing like it was nothing. You are so finicky with your pacis thought. You like the soothie when you are playing, the advent to fall asleep, and the wubbanub to stay asleep….high maintenance much? Still chewing on those hands but no teeth have popped through yet.

This month you started eating solid foods regularly, right now you are eating a breakfast and a dinner. You really love solids and have even cried at your bottles because you wanted real food instead. You really love apples and have them with brown rice cereal for breakfast a lot. You ate carrots a lot this month and a little squash, HATED peas….. You also had pears and loved them. You had a banana in the fresh food feeder and loved that, ate the whole thing (half of a banana). A few times after you have finished your food and we are still eating breakfast or dinner I have let you play around with some puffs and you’ve managed to get a few in your mouth.

You are very vocal, you have a loud voice and an even louder laugh. You love to be sung to, held, and bounced. You started making some of the funniest faces this month...

You are napping upstairs instead of in your bouncy seat and have been getting very restful sleep lately. You still take a 45 minute morning nap and then a good two hour afternoon nap. You go to bed around 7:30 (and need us to soothe you back to sleep multiple times per night) and still eat at 11 and 3am….one day you will sleep through the night…one day. Speaking of sleep we are still co-sleeping and it is a habit that I have grown to love and will be just as hard for me to break as for you.

You experienced a lot of separation anxiety from me this month. You are very selective of who you let hold you, you can be quite the drama queen. Mama needs to be in view at all times and many nights you have to be holding onto my shirt or hand when you fall asleep. You love to give hugs and kisses; it is seriously adorable! One day your Dad was holding you on his knee and I leaned towards you and you reached your arms out right around my neck and held so tight. Whenever I sing “If your happy and you know it” you grab onto my face or neck and give slobbery kisses the entire time. When you get really really happy you smile and stick out your tongue.

You weight __pounds and are __inches. **Appointment next week** You are wearing 6 month and some 9 month clothes. I was so happy we had this random hot weather because you got to wear a few summery 6 month outfits I had purchased for you last year that you may not have ever worn if we had to wait until June.


The Bignon Family said...

Wow! 6 months already!!! Those pink toys are just precious!!

The Bignon Family said...

I means toes :)

Bekah said...

fastest six months ever!

Stephanie said...

Six months already?! Happy six months Lucy! I love that this is the month where they started interacting with one another.