Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Fun

On Sunday Alex and I took the kiddos to an Apple Festival at a local orchard. Alex and I went to the apple festival for years before we moved to Indy so it was nice to go back this year and have all of our favorite treats again.

We got to use the new stroller for the first time, everyone (the riders and the pushers) loved it!IMG_5850

Yesterday was a big day for Lucy, she finally lost her umbilical cord stump and was able to take a real bath. Of course being the most chill baby ever she LOVED it. Look at those cheeks, baby girl is chunking up!


This morning I reorganized the family room/playroom to make room for some toys for Lucy. Liam and her had a good time playing together this morning. He loves to show her all of the toys, he is such a sweet boy. (…Except for when he colors on THREE of my walls while I was taking a shower and Dada was watching him….oy!)



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