Friday, October 7, 2011

Lucy – 1 Week (and a prayer request, or two)



A full week as a family of four. I can say nothing but it has been one of the best weeks of my life. I told Alex the other night how heartbreaking it is to me to think of someone that suffers from the baby blues or postpartum depression because i am pretty sure I have the opposite. There have been times this week i was  convinced my heart would explode spewing glitter and unicorns because of my intense love for my kids and family.

I am so grateful that the transition, so far, to being a stay at home Mom to two kids (under two for the next three weeks) has been great. Honestly, it was a lot easier for me to take care of the two of them this week than just Liam when i was pregnant. Feeling back to normal has been such a huge blessing.

Miss Lucy is doing great. She is back to her birth weight and doing all of the newborn things (sleeping, eating, and pooping) like a champ. At discharge we learned that she needed to come back to the hospital for a repeat hearing test on her left ear. Her appointment was yesterday and her left ear still came back “referable”. The audiologist assured us that it very well could be debris still left in the ear canal or fluid behind the ear drum. In a few weeks we will go to the audiologist office were they have better equipment and will be able to get a better feel for what is going on. Either way i seek comfort in knowing that her right ear is perfectly fine and she will be able to hear us, music, and life.

On the day we got discharged from the hospital I came down with a pretty nasty cold. Talk about freaking out! I have been crazy about trying to keep all the germs away from Lucy but since I am her primary caretaker I am not sure how easy it can be to do. Liam woke up with a stuffy nose this morning, so i know it is coming his way and i feel like I am barely holding my stuff together knowing what the next two weeks may bring. Some of the nurses in the hospital said that babies as young as Lucy can’t get sick (i guess it is an old wives tale, one i really want to believe is true) but her pediatrician said no she can get sick. Please, please if you are the praying kind please keep Lucy in your thoughts that she does not catch this bug. Her doctor said yesterday the real trouble would come if she came down with a fever which is a one way ticket to being admitted to the hospital with a battery of VERY scary, VERY invasive tests to rule out all possible infections. She said even if they are able to see it is an ear infection or something similar they will put them through all of the testing. Needless to say since yesterday I have been a nut case.

I feel selfish in a way to say that I thought after all we had been through with her pregnancy I anticipated things to relax, that we would finally be able to enjoy everything without the worry of something being wrong. You all know from past posts that I rushed through and didn’t savor the time I was pregnant with her and now i feel like I am going to be doing the same thing for her first month of life. I love this newborn stage so much but i just want her to get to one month, fever free and then I know we are in the clear of all the testing that would be needed if she got sick. I just don’t want to be sick anymore. I just want to be able to sit and struggle with her without worry.



Bev Johnston said...

I'm so glad you are feeling nothing but love!!! It makes me so happy to read that. As for the colds... Ty pretty much came home to me, Case, my mom, and Wayne all being SUPER sick. He got stuffy and coughed some but never got a fever even though we all did. It is SO scary but unless that new house of yours came equipped with a bubble (sidenote... this would be an awesome feature)then there's no way to shield her from all that might come her way, especially once Liam gets it. Hang in there and remember that what's going to happen has already been decided so the worrying won't get you anywhere (yes, I know I'm like the queen of worrying). God's in control! I will be praying for His hand to protect Lucy and get ya'll healthy!!!

The Small Fry said...

God is always in control Sarah! I will be praying for Lucy & your entire family to always be healthy now and always.

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

just prayed for you guys!

Bekah said...

We will be praying for you! When Jack was born I had a really bad cold too, and I was terrified he would catch it, but he never did! I hope this is case for Lucy as well!

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad your first week together has been so great. I hope it continues this way. I'm praying Lucy doesn't catch the cold. She is definitely testing those wonderful mommy skills of yours! said...

Lucy is ADORABLE!!!! I am glad that you are getting along pretty good! I hope you start feeling better soon!!!! I just wanted to let you know that Colin didn't pass his hearing on the left side either!!!! WOW crazy... and so we went to the audiologist to get his hearing tested again when he was 1 or 2 months old... he passed by the states regulations but they wanted him to come back @ 10 months old and have it done again when he was going through different milestones.. he was hearing just fine !! Our doctor told us that he could be the type of child/adult that gets fluid behind their ear and that causes some "hearing loss" @ that time not long term... I get that way when i am sick due to having tubes put in... I please keep me updated on her :) I am praying for you!!! I know everything will be just fine !!! Congrats again on a beautiful family!!!!