Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Phone Photo Drop

Since getting my new phone I have been taking so many pictures of Liam with it. At our old house I would keep my camera on my bakers rack which was right between the kitchen and living room where we spend most of our day but here in the new house I have not found a safe stop to have it handy at all times so for now the phone will do.

Doesn’t he look so comfy napping on the couch after a hot afternoonIMG_0077

Playing in the tub with his Sesame Street buddies, he likes to make them dive in.  IMG_0080

He struggled using utensils for so long until I gave him a regular adult fork instead of a plastic toddler one and he is doing so good!


Lately Liam has become very into lining up his cars. The all have to face the same direction and are always neatly in line. The other day I was making lunch while Liam was playing in the living room, later in the afternoon I went in and saw what he had been working on ….. the car arch, pretty impressive if i do say so myself.


The next day we had the car “L” (L for Liam I suppose).


Now instead of solely running around the circle in the house we also ride our quad around the circle.


All of these 90-100 degree days have lead to lots of time in the pool!


Early weekend mornings with our Pooh slippers.


More lining up of the cars before they raced around the family room.


Liam and Lucy snuggling…


I will try anything to get this picky eater to eat…for lunch we tried peanut butter sandwich pops…yeah it didn’t work but at least he picked it up….that is a start.


Giving his beloved dog a ride this morning.


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Stephanie said...

The Liam and Lucy cuddle picture is the cutest! I laughed when I saw his food plate; it's just like Cati's! I hate this picky eater stage because they end up eating the most random combination of things.