Monday, July 18, 2011

Liam Lately (almost 21 months)

I have not done an update on what Liam is up to these days in quite some time and I feel like I have to to preserve the memory for me.


He loves playing with his hot wheels/matchbox cars. At least one is attached to his hand most of the day. Still loves Thomas and playing with his trains.


Our grocery store has a wall mounted train track and Liam squeals each and every time he sees is. The older men always give him a big smile and comment about how much he loves trains. He is the puzzle king! Puzzles are his new favorite thing to do and he is so good at them. He also loves to read his object picture books and points out things that I ask him to. He loves to count and spell words out (with his own “words”). He can point out colors and shapes now too.


We don’t watch nearly as much tv as we used to but some of his new favorites are Arthur, Curious George, and Clifford. He is obsessed with dogs! For Christmas he got a dog pillow pet from a co-worker of Alex’s and it is probably his favorite thing he owns right now. He loves on dog so much! My parents have a neighbor with the sweetest dog that Liam just adores going to visit.


He still loves being outside and running and has gotten so much better at staying in the backyard where we are and not running off, it makes for a much better time for everyone. He loves swimming and splashing in the pool but isn’t a big fan of sitting in a raft, he’d much rather someone he holding him and jumping/throwing him around in the water. He loves to dance, especially when he is snacking on something yummy, jump, and rough house with Dada.



Is starting to talk a lot more but still only when he wants to, he won’t repeat anything when you ask him to, he has to want to tell you something. His favorite words are: dog, car, ball, Dada, Thomas, cat, go, bizza bizza (which means yummy). He finally started calling me Mama and calls my Dad “Dad-Ooo”.  There are so many words that he says every once in a while that I couldn’t list them all.


Still a very picky eater and very strong willed about it! He loves fruit and eats a ton of them, pancakes, french toast, cereal bars, once in a while he will eat bacon, all kinds of cereal, snap pea crisps, vegetable chips, gold fish, yogurt covered raisins and regular raisins, french fries, sweet potato fries, grilled cheese, and of course sprinkles, cookies, and M&Ms.


Sleeping has been rough since we’ve moved and really isn’t getting much better, I am still hanging onto hope that it is a phase. He goes to bed, by himself which is a blessing, between 8-8:30 most nights (on the rare occasion earlier or later) and gets up in the 5 o’clock hour…. He takes one nap per day on most days (if his nap is really bad he will usually cat nap in the late afternoon. He napes in the morning, usually 9:30-11ish.

I am loving this age because he understands so much that he can be a very good helper. He will get his shoes if i ask him to, stand by the door and wait if we are getting in the car, wait at the bottom on the steps if we are going up to take a bath, hand me things if I ask him to, etc.

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