Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July Party and then some

Since the day we purchased our house we have been planning to have a 4th of July party. Alex and I were so excited that the weekend for our party was finally here and we were all set. Little did we know he would only be here for 30 minutes before getting called into work for the rest of the night after an incident. We all couldn’t be more bummed that he had to miss our party :-( Next party I am taking his cell phone battery and hiding it!

Of course we had to start the party with licking the beater. Liam is so funny, as soon as he hears me turn the beater on he runs over and stands at my side waiting for a lick. Yesterday he was hugging my legs as hard as his little arms could saying “Mama Mama Mama”  in the sweetest little voice…he knows how to get what he wants.  Mmmm whipped cream…yum!


Drink stations…we had fresh strawberry lemonade and a sangria-like iced tea in addition to the regular party beverages.IMG_5453

Arrangement for our food table


Food table! We had burgers, hotdogs, pineapple chicken salad (which was awesome), loaded baked potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, baked beans, and grilled corn on the cob. Dessert was lemon cream cupcakes (one of which i am eating now), strawberry shortcake trifle, brownies, apple pie, fruit salad, and cake balls, oh and sugar cookies for Liam.

 IMG_5456 IMG_5457

Devouring a cookie


Running it off


Riding his quad down the hill


Did you see the cute big boy hair cut Liam got? Let’s just saw this hair cut experience was not as easy as our first one…thank goodness my Mom was with me..we both left sweating LOL


Two weeks ago my phone had a poor run in with the trunk of the car and well…didn’t live to tell about it. I got an iphone and could not have been more excited about the little accident Alex had with  my old phone. I love my new one!!! Here are some pictures from the last two weeks from my phone.

Liam LOVES wearing shoes, this was him at 6am still in his sleep sack wearing his sneakers.


This is dog, Liam’s best friend. We have to snuggle with dog to fall asleep….dog may have also went on a car ride with us to the bank…mind you dog is a 20 inch pillow pet.  IMG_0009

Pre hair cut! It was so long!


We went to a bazaar last weekend and Liam went to town on a cotton candy! IMG_0013

…and passed out on the way home. Love those two boys!


We went to Cabella’s last weekend with Alex’s parents and Liam had a great time looking at all of the stuffed animals.


My handsome big boy! I am loving the instragram app!



Bev Johnston said...

Sure do wish there was a Baby Jam at your house this week so we could clean up those leftovers!!! Looks like an amazing party... no surprise!!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness Sarah! You are an amazing host! Everything looked delicious! Especially that layered dessert thing! Hope you had fun!