Thursday, December 23, 2010

A week long photo dump

Blog slacking much? Yes! I have two reasons for my lack of posts this week. One being it is the holidays and we have been busy! Two being I have been doing Ali Edwards December Daily project which is basically scrapbooking your way through the month of December. I had been wanting to do it for two years now and finally committed to it this year. It was been great but time consuming. I am sure we will LOVE looking back on it in years to come.


So anyway, here is an update as to what the little man has been up to lately!


He found out that sweeping is really fun!


We ate more candy canes because they are so yummy!


He got to wear his Cars Christmas pjs!


“Little knot here”


“Dada help!”



Alex and I made cookies


He is an expert flour sprinkler! (after I took this picture he totally asked if it was blog worthy HA)


Liam played with mixing bowls and spoons


and the Tupperware cabinet


and we went shopping and Liam wore this ADORABLE outfit! Notice the brush…yeah he loves to brush his new hair, I think he is just as excited as I am to finally see some hair growth!



Sarah said...

LOVE the outfit :)

And thanks by the way! I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas as well!

Bev Johnston said...

That outfit is adorable!!! Alex has fabulous flour sprinkling technique! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas! Give Liam a Christmas hug from us!