Thursday, December 16, 2010

Liam meets Santa

Yesterday at Baby Jam (our playgroup) Santa came to visit. Bev’s Dad (Case’s Grandpa) was so sweet to dress up as Santa and come visit with the kiddos. He was such a good Santa! IMG_4465

“Mama, I know Santa is watching right now so I will be good for goodness sake” IMG_4467

Hi Santa!

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Allison was a big fan of Santa


Miss Sage...not so much. This shot just cracks me up, I am pretty sure it would win an award for the best reaction to Santa.


Case and Santa …. “hmmm Santa kinda sounds like Grandpa”


JJ and Santa..nope not a fan either.



Sara said...

Love this post! It was great seeing all the kids reactions to Santa. Poor Sage, wonder when she will like Santa?

The Small Fry said...

Love the pictures! We took Jordan last week to see and take a picture with Santa and as soon as I put him on Santa's lap, he started to panic and was about to cry! We ended up putting him on the wooden horse right next to Santa.

Shelley said...


My sister told me to check out your blog. Great pictures. What a perfect reaction shot of Sage - love it!


payettestork said...

How cool that Santa came to you! Not sure whether you read Twice Blessed, but check out the photo Mandy posted of her twins visiting Santa. It's priceless!