Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goodbye, Hello

Yesterday was a hard day for me, I won’t lie about it. After just over two years of pure joy we sold Leroy, my 2006 SRX.


I admit the loss of Leroy was extremely hard because of the emotional attachment I had to it. When we bought that car we were newlyweds, I was just starting an amazing job and there was so much ahead of us. The road we traveled the next two years with Leroy would take us though a whole pregnancy, a drive to the hospital and a drive home with a newborn babe. I always felt so safe with Liam in that backseat, as if there was a bubble surrounding us that always had us protected. Surprisingly I held myself together well until I saw the man unscrew the license plate and I broke. It was like he was stripping off every memory that had been made while driving that car. He then swung it around the parking lot and parked it behind a closed gate, and Leroy was gone, he was no longer mine.

However, we must look at the bright side. Selling Leroy is one step closer towards a fairly immanent move (which to be honest I am on and off the fence about) and I was lucky enough to get Ruxin (Alex hates his name but I am sticking with it) a Mitsubishi Endeavor with almost all the amenities that Leroy had. 

I am beyond grateful and lucky that I was able to get another SUV that is really nice and has room for us to grow. I hope that the time we spend driving Ruxin will be just as good to us as with Leroy.


Stephanie said...

I'm jealous!!! I would love to get rid of my 'car with no name'! What made you want to sell?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how emotionally attached we get to objects? How'd you name the new SUV? Hope you end up loving it! Where are you possibly moving to? Is it a local move or back to PA?