Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two Months

Dear Liam,
Holy guacamole batman you are two months old already. Goodness can we please slow time down a bit you are getting to old too fast! This month has been so much fun and you have changed so much. You when from the newborn sleep, eat, poop phase to sleep, semi alert, eat, poop phase to alert, smiling, laughing, cooing, eating no devouring, pooping like a champ phase.

This month you had your for Thanksgiving. Grandma H, Pop, and Uncle Matt came to celebrate with us. You had a great time and sat on Mommy's lap during dinner.

You and I also took our first trip our into the real world together. It took Mommy two ours of mentally preparing to go. Once i finally got your in your car seat and bundled up i opened the garage door and it was pouring. Ugh! Well i decided to brave it anyway and off we went to Target. You did awesome and just looked around amazed at all the lights and colors.

We also went to a Christmas Party/Cookie Exchange at work. All the ladies were so excited to finally meet you. One of the funnies days that i look back on as a first time mom was he morning you were screaming your head off, Nigel was drinking my coffee and Kinsey as trying to climb the Christmas tree...all i could do was laugh and i did. This month you grew very fond of your jungle play mat (so did Kinsey and Nigel but that is a story in and of itself) you love looking at Mallory the Monkey and talking to her, the plastic parrot that spins, and of course the butterflies.

You also love to look around! You no lover want to snuggle with Mommy after a bottle you fuss and fuss until i sit you up so you can look around.

Your bouncy chair is still our saving grace, you love it! At times you will just whine until i sit you in it and then you are as happy as a clam.

This month you also learned to smile in response to your Dad and I which just melts me each and every time you do it. The first time you did it we got it on tape and i swear i have watched it 50 times and still laugh at stinking cute.

You also learned to laugh which is adorable. You get such a kick out of being called a goober, Daddy tickling your face with a wash cloth, and making the sound num num num. You also found your voice, in a good way, you love to talk. You talk to your toys and to me all the time. You also found your hands! At first you would stare at them in disbelief, then you started hitting yourself in the head and then they found your mouth. You are constantly chomping on your right hand!

Love you always little man,

Your stats:
11.11 pounds
22.75 inches
15 head circumference

This month at the doctors your got two shots and one oral vaccination. You cried for a few seconds but soon forgot when you got the pina colada flavored oral vaccine. I spent the rest of the day singing "If you like pina colada's.."

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