Thursday, June 25, 2009

22 week appointment

Just got back from the doctor and little man looks great! The results from the anatomy ultrasound were all normal and he is in the 59 percentile :-) is such a relief to know that everything developed correctly. We also got to hear his heartbeat which the doctor said was nice and strong. I, on the other hand, found out that i have gained 13 pounds so! I hit went over the 140 mark this month which is the first time in my life i have been in that range. I am almost always in the 120's when i gained a little weight a few years ago i was in the low 130's but today saw 141 which was a bit of a shock but it is for a great cause. I just need to make sure i keep eating when i am hungry and not use the pregnancy as an excuse to go wild like some people do.

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