Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vacation Sunday, Monday and Tuesday breakfast

These vacation post will be more of a photo drop because we are doing a Smashbook at the house while on vacation where everyone is recording stories of our vacation.

We arrived Sunday around 2:30pm after leaving at 5:30am that morning. The kids did so so so well on the drive! There was no crying, whining or even "are we there yet?" they did awesome! When we got there the kids set up some train tracks and played while we unloaded the car. Later in the afternoon they did some coloring and just enjoyed hanging around the house. It was pretty windy the first two days but the kids still went down to the beach and just loved the waves. They had to be freezing but did not want to get out. Liam's excitement was like nothing we had ever seen, he just loves it here! 

Alex took his RC car down to the beach and had a good time driving it around the beach

This morning Lucy got up a little earlier then normal because she had to go to the bathroom (she's not potty trained but you get what i mean). We came upstairs and got to see a beautiful sunrise.  Lucy is also sleeping in a big girl bed and doing so well!

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