Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lucy's Vintage Tea Party

A few months ago Lucy and I started talking about her 2nd birthday. I asked her what kind of party she wanted and she thought long and hard before telling me she wanted a tea party birthday! If you know Lucy then you know she is both opinionated and speaks well enough to have had that conversation with me. Either way, after she said tea party i never asked her again because i was pumped about it! 

I had been saving ideas for months and spent the last week prepping! I had never done so much traditional domestic work in my life! From ironing linens to polishing silver, we did it all! 

My mother-in-law brought this silver tea set over earlier in the week and to say i was a little nervous to clean it up was an understatement.

but with a few pinterest tricks and lots of polish (which stinks!) and elbow grease.... (notice the Union Jack phone case.... no wonder i was excited for a tea party!)

I had it looking shiney and new! 

Next up linens and LOTS of them! I had found beautiful silver napkin rings earlier in the week (half off day so all 12 of them were $1) at our Salvation Army that worked perfectly with the vintage tea party theme! 


Saturday was party day!! It was such a fun party, I am pretty sure it was my favorite party thus far. 

We had tea and LOTS of it and every drank a ton of it which made me even more happy!

Teacups galore...

The food.... my Mom and I did corn chowder, an assortment of tea sandwiches (egg salad, ham salad, chicken salad, turkey and bacon, ham and cheese, cream cheese and pineapple, fluffer nutter, and fairy bread), fresh cream scones with homemade clotted cream and imported English strawberry jam, cranberry orange scones, and fruit salad with a honey lime dressing.

I loved this simple centerpiece. The lace table runner I found at the Salvation Army, the mason jars i had and tied a doily around them with twine and then added a light pink silk rose, greens, and baby breath. 

The dessert table which is always so hard to get a good picture of because the sun comes in that window and creates horrible lighting! 

We had sugar cookies and an assortment on mini cupcakes (vanilla, chocolate, funfetti, creamsicle, pumpkin, and peanut butter cup). 

The birthday girl! 


The party......
Our lucky little lady got some wonderful gifts including a precious baby doll, crib, high chair and feeding accessories, and stroller. She has been having a ball playing Mama. After unwrapping her gift she hugged her baby and put her in her crib and said ni ni baby and gave her a kiss, it was the sweetest thing! She also got the Disney Princess Little People castle and lots of Disney characters that her and Liam have been loving playing with.  And of course, lots of great fall clothes and shoes!! She will be a styling girl again this season :-)

Liam and his future wife Bella :-) those two are more then just two peas in a pod! 

This picture was before she opened her baby and she was pushing all her favorite stuffed animals around in the stroller. 

My sweet two year old!!! 

...she hates the Happy Birthday song and clearly felt she needed to pout about it to me  

My Mom got Lucy these fake glasses and she has been wearing them constantly, adorable! 

See.... days later she is still wearing them all the time :-)

Me and my girl, love her!! 

best part of this party was the left overs.... 

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Christine said...

The party came out perfect! I LOVE the pictures of Lucy wearing her glasses!! Have a great vacation - can't wait to hear about it!