Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pink Balloon Updates

Luckily, I have been fairly busy with catering parties, showers, and weddings over the last few weeks. Here are a few thins that i have done in June.

Funny story about this cake. I was just about to finish it off with the lettering when Lucy decided she was DONE with Mama working. With my mind distracted i totally wrote Good Lucy on the cake instead of Good Luck HAHAHA 

I did these cake pop centerpieces for a good friends baby shower two weeks ago. They were half vanilla and the other half white chocolate raspberry, so yummy!

This weekend i had the pleasure of doing a wedding which is such an honor to be given the responsibility to do. The wedding was very non-traditional so we ended up doing a cupcake display with a small traditional top tier for the couple to cut. It was such a great fusion of traditional and something a little different. I heard that everything went over great and there were tons of rave reviews about not only the display but the cupcakes as well.  It is such a great feeling when you hear such positive feedback. 

I absolutely love how this cake turned out and the floral topper just put it over the top.
Custom printables for the to-go packaging and the menu.

12 dozen different cupcake aka cupcake heaven!

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Yay! A wedding! You're in the big leagues, sister!