Sunday, June 16, 2013

June so far with a dash of May


Ice cream!

"Lucy make a nice face for the camera" ... and this... this is what i get! This child is something else!

This is what happens when you have an older brother and older cousin who want to play dress up. 

Pops Birthday! 

Secret agents! 

"Mama, we rock climbing"

My attempts at a picture of them together and yes they are sitting in cat beds. 

"Liam put your arm around Lucy" 

Lucy it totally into being a princess right now which is adorable! She loves to dress up and be princess Lucy. 

The kids are both currently hooked on Tangled! This was the morning showing one day during breakfast. 

They are very entertaining with their two man band. 

 The chickens are very high maintenance or as Alex calls them "yuppie chickens". One day after it had been raining i let them out to roam around the yard and it was the first time they  had walked on wet grass before and they were hopping and flying all over the place until they found the porch where they they proceeded to eat my beautiful planters before they got locked back in the coop!

Mr Liam.... 4 going on 14 sometimes :-) 

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Love the "yuppie chickens" thing! Too funny! Have you ever been to the coffee shack in MT right by "yuppy puppy?" I went there once with a friend and this made me think of it. Of course it was back in 2009 so I have NO clue if it's still there!

Can I just say that your children are preciously adorable?! I only hope Luke and Liv start playing together so cute like that someday! Liam is killing me in the aviators and gelled hair! He is so handsome! And Lucy always just makes me want to squeeze her!!