Monday, February 4, 2013

Project Life - Documenting our lives in 2013

Things have been quite here on the blog for the last month because i have taken on a new approach to documenting our lives in 2013. I was so happy with the project 366 i did last year and the fact that i was able to keep up with it that i decided to step it up a notch this year. I had been contemplating Project Life for two years now and this year decided it was the way to go. I had struggled with the right way to 'memory keep' for our family and went back and forth between photo books, digital scrapbooking, and a few others. Everything had pros and cons but what i ultimately wanted to be able to do was make sure my pictures didn't stay lost on my computer. Liam loves looking through the photo books i've made but the draw back to them is that i couldn't include any souvenirs we may have picked up through the year. With project life i am able to do a fusion of everything and i am so excited about it! So i am not sure how this will effect my blogging but what i am hoping to do it show pictures of my project life progress and give snippets of stories and adventures we will have through the year.

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Christine said...

I think you made the perfect choice for you and your family's memories. We started doing the Project 365 iphone app this year...maybe I'll get the courage to do Project Life in a few years! :-)