Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Party 2012

Last night we hosted a New Years party for a few friends and family. We all had a really great time!

I served appetizers and desserts at our party which include: spinach artichoke cups, mini tacos, coconut shrimp cups, popcorn chicken, meatball sliders, caprese skewers, Mississippi sin dip, pizza monkey bread, clams (thanks Aunt Deb), lobster (thanks Annette), tuna salad bites (thanks Mom). Everything turned out so yummy and thankfully we had very little leftovers to store!


I was a little short on time so i didn't get a change to make menu cards so i laid out some butcher papers and wrote each item on there.

Desserts!! Baileys tiramisu cupcakes, mini cannolis, S'more cake pops, peanut butter fudge, sugar cookies, and chocolate raspberry mousse bites (thanks Mom). 

Lucy made it to 10:30 and boy oh boy was she entertaining! She was dancing up a storm most of the night and had us all laughing so hard! She was a little party animal!  


Videos of the kiddos dancing 


Liam made it to watch the ball drop!! He was so cute. Around 11:15 he was trying so hard to stay up and kept saying "Mama, its so hard". After the ball dropped he said "i did it, i'm so brave" hahaha.
watching the ball drop for the first time! 


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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

girlfriend you are a GOOD person to know when it comes to parties. i'm super jealous of all your friends up there! and please oh please what is mississippi sin dip?!