Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shopping with Lucy and Shell Hunting with Liam

Liam in "his spot", the captains loft above the kitchen/living room area. He loves to go up there and turn on the radio. 

Lucy eating some lunch. After our trip to the state park we topped at Kill Devil Fries and Custard but Lucy had already fallen asleep for a nap in the car and missed out on the lunch so she ate when we got back to the house. 

Since Lucy napped in the car Alex and I took Lucy down to the boardwalk to do some shopping while Liam took his nap. It was so pretty today, we had a great time looking at all the shops. 

we even saw a deer

Alex has fallen in love with a certain scent on this trip so i wanted to take his picture next to the bush he loves the smell of. 

our sweet girl was dancing when we got back

When we got back liam had just gotten up and was headed down to the beach to play in the sand so i joined along. Jer was fishing when we got down there.

After building sand castles Liam and I headed to hunt for some seashells. 

"Mama,  I love the ocean" too buddy, me too! 

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