Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lighthouse Adventure - OBX Wednesday

Today we took an adventure to the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. 

Alex is not a fan of heights so he stayed with Lucy while Liam and I climbed to the top of the lighthouse.....and by Liam and I, I mean i climbed while carrying a three year old to the tippy top of the lighthouse....that was a workout! 

awesome shot up the stairwell 

we made it!!! 

Alex and Lucy at the bottom of the light house 

it's kinda windy up here Mama

enjoying the view, it was amazing! 

The climbers :-)

Liam LOVES animals and we were so excited that they had a free horse petting today. He was so happy to pet the horsey.

Lucy got in on the fun too and kept saying "horsey"

My sweet Lucy hanging out outside one of the shops

Liam has a thing for buoys, so he was excited to see a whole crate of them today. This was my favorite shop that we went in, oh my goodness i could have bought everything in there! 

We went to lunch at Cosmos which was hands down on of our favorite places we have eaten so far. The food was great and the service was awesome! I am loving North Carolina folks, everyone has been so nice and friendly! 

I thought their menu board was awesome! 

the fries...oh the fries YUM YUM YUM! 

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