Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer is here…

School is out for summer in our area so that means summer is officially here!

IMG_2495IMG_2496someone thinks morning naps are not needed…..

Evan’s last day of school was Friday and my Mom was picking him up so we decided to have a last day of school party at our house. Liam had a BLAST playing with his cousin! All morning he was saying “Eban (how he says his name right now) comin’ after he done with school”. We had pizza, salad, fruit and ice cream cone cupcakes. The boys blew bubbles, played in the sand box, went of the swings and of course played cars and monster trucks.  IMG_2498




NASCAR is at Pocono this weekend so we were trying to find a car that would be making an appearance in the area to take Liam to see. My sister called this morning and told me that she had extra tickets to qualifying and asked if we wanted them so we decided to go. We all had a great time! Liam loved seeing the race cars and the track. Lucy had a good time as well (I mean, she did get held my Mama for almost three hours which is pretty much her heaven) but she seemed to really like watching the cars go by too.





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