Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our week

My little foodie putting back some fresh caught Alaskan salmon and sweet potatoes…I can’t put into words how much this kid loves food, she tried deer steak last weekend and ate it up.


Our new wreath for the Forth of July! It looks more like fireworks in person then in this picture. IMG_2523

Lucy’s new trick that she does on EVERYTHING! The only downside is that she has no regard for her safety and wants to let go and well…let’s just say she is not a very graceful faller.


Liam and I made “chocolate chip cookies” last week AKA chickpea cookies…pretty sure he thought I was the best mom ever when I let him eat multiple spoonful's of dough.


Have you met my twin…crazy how much this girl and I look alike. (Mama/Lucy)


We went to a church bazaar last weekend and Liam had a great time, he won two prizes and had some yummy pizza. He also got a fish; a younger girl won it and gave it to him, he was THRILLED. Sadly, Tim the fish went to fishy heaven on Wednesday even though we did our best to keep him swimming as long as possible.


…and so the climbing begins…sigh…remember the days when she’d just lay in one spot…those days are long gone!


Mr. Liam and I shared some popcorn while Alex was at softball one night this week.


“Mama…DeeDee’s tackling me” haha poor kid is a jungle gym to his little sister too.


It’s been HOT HOT HOT here this week (no complaints from me though, I love it) so we had some popsicles outside on Wednesday night.


Our everyday


So Liam learned how to use pinterest on my phone HAHAHA…I searched “monster trucks” for him and he had a great time looking at all the trucks and picking out cakes for his party this year. He also found a project idea and recreated it himself!! He completed his very first pin Smile


Tonight Alex had to work so his parents and I took the kids to another church bazaar (there are A LOT of church bazaars in the summer in NEPA). They had a great time playing games, eating french fries and funnel cakes, and going on a hay ride.


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