Saturday, August 13, 2011

Picture dump and then some

My boys playing football, Liam would much rather play quarterback than catch the ball.IMG_5554



Summer time and the livings  easy…..


Country life!


My big boy!


The best thing ever!!

 IMG_5572 IMG_5573

Flying high!


In May Liam got a swing set from Alex’s parents but because our backyard isn’t completely level we have yet to put it up because it needs to be leveled. Alex’s Uncle is helping us out because he has lots of big fun machinery which provides great entertainment for a toddler boy! We are also digging out our front step area to put in a new step and a sidewalk. Liam was all about helping the guys out the other night. And yes, our outside basically looks like we could be filming Renovation Realities or some other DIY/HGTV show.


On Friday night we went to the St. Judes bazaar which has always been the end of the summer event in Mountaintop. It was nice to go for the first time in almost four years and have some yummy food! Liam got to play the lippie pop tree game and loved his dum dum.


This afternoon Alex, his Dad, Liam and I  headed down to Bloomsburg for a car show. Liam was so good and well behaved! He LOVED looking at the cars and the “exhaust rap” (in quotes because i just asked Alex as i am writing this what that thing was called when the cars where being really loud.  IMG_0135 IMG_0136

Since Lucy is due just a few weeks before Liam’s birthday I have been in full on party planning mode! I would like to get done with as much as possible before she is born so that all of the decoration and such are taken care of. What is his theme you may last….. Thomas, of course!



Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

it is so funny to read your posts now and know exactly where everything is that you are talking about! :)

Megan Templeman said...

I am trying to do the same thing with Marshall b-day stuff. I am in over drive trying to get it together. We are going with trains too!

The Small Fry said...

Yay for Thomas party theme! Jordan's so into Thomas too so we're going to have a train party for his 2nd birthday! :)