Thursday, August 18, 2011

(almost) 34 weeks

(will update with picture tomorrow)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: just under 20 pounds …i feel like i got huge this week! Alex had definitely made it clear he agrees LOL

Maternity Clothes: yes and even some of them are getting short

Gender: it’s a girl! Lucy Anne

Movement: she is a flipping machine! two weekends ago she was breech, that tuesday at an ultrasound she was head down, the next tuesday (this past) at my doctors appointment she was breech again, and now today I felt her feet sliding on my ribs/side all day so I assume she is head down again….. little lady needs to stay put in the head down position!

Sleep: yeah, i’d rather just not talk about it

What I miss: being about to move like a normal person LOL stand up, roll over, ect without the need of a crane

Cravings: cleaning LOL (major nesting going on at our house), yogurt and granola (vanilla, almond, and coconut…amazing)…i’ve eaten a lot of it this week!

Best Moment this week: ordering Lucy’s baby book, i LOVE it!! (i ended up getting one for Liam too, yes i am going to make him a baby book at the age of 2 LOL but i just loved it too much not to get him one too). I will post about the books once I get them!

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