Monday, October 12, 2009

Maternity Leave

Today is my first day on maternity leave :-) and it is kind of odd..... but in a good way. Here are some updates from the last few weeks.

34 weeks and cold from hell! At 34 weeks i caught a horrible head cold from Alex, UGH it was so not fair to be 8.5 months pregnant with a bad cold...sleeping was none existent. One of the funniest things was when i called the doctor to see what medications were safe and they told me for my congestion and cough i could take Tylenol....HAHA yeah okay like that did anything! It took almost 4 weeks to be completely cough and congestion free...that was a long one!

36/37 weeks i had a baby shower at work. It was a lot of fun. We had ceaser salad, caprese BLTs, salsa and chips, apples with caramel, and a raspberry and lemon triffle. The ladies got Liam his bouncer seat which is so cute and got me a bunch of nursing necessities and well as a lovely vaginal birth survival kit from Erin....i was SO red opening that in front of everyone!!!

At 36 weeks i also started to get this horrible ache in the lower abdomen when i would move my legs while laying down or trying to roll over at night...still not sure what it is but man it just keeps getting worse. Getting up at night to go to the bathroom is a treat....sometimes there is so much pressure and pain that i cannot stand up straight, so not fun! Sleeping back to back with Alex has become something i NEED to sleep semi-pain free. Since i can now only sleep on my left side, back=not breathing and right side is alot of pain since my belly doesn't reach the bed, that my hip and back are in so much pain after a short amount of time sleeping, sometimes when i roll just to relieve it i get the best hip and back cracks/pops. Sleeping back to back with alex is great because sometimes his body temp is so hot it feels like a big hot thing :-) Sleeping is also getting shorter but my energy is higher. I went from a normal night sleep being 9-10 hours and tired during the day to 6 hours and not ready to go to bed the next night.

38 weeks and i started maternity leave. Last Monday i was so stumped as to what i was going to do to make the time pass because i had nothing to work on but i was wrong. Tuesday i had my yearly review which went really well, i was nervous but not sure why. Wednesday i was in the office for a while which was nice to be able to see everyone for the last time. Thursday the finishing up of projects started and lasted until a an hour of overtime of Friday. Friday night when Alex got home we ran into the office to drop off the laptop and thank you cards for everyone then went to the mall for a cinnabon :-) yumm!!

10/10 came and went. I was really hoping for a 10/10 birthday for Liam but he decided that was not a good day for him and stayed put. Next up is the 15th which is my brothers guess, then the 21st Alex's, 22nd my guess.....and if we make it to my moms i will be one unhappy camper ..... November 1st!

Back to maternity leave. Today is Monday, my first day off, and i am getting ready to start a cooking/freeze marathon. Alex and I went to costco yesterday and got 60 dollars worth of meat LOL Right now i have the beef roast in the crock pot to make beef stew, hot roast beef sandwiches, and a few others. Then i am starting on all the ground meat stuff...ziti, meatballs, whimpies, and chili. I was so scared yesterday when we were shopping because Liam felt so low, the pressure - down there- was crazy and i kept getting sharp pains where the bottom of my leg connects to my hip. I am so happy he did not decided to come last night with $200 worth of groceries in the fridge/pantry! Thank little man! Now as of Wednesday when i am done cooking i can hope you will be done cooking too and decided to bless us with your arrival :-)

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