Thursday, April 2, 2009

10 weeks old

WOW! So much for my goal of posting at least once a week, life has been going by so fast that blogger, again, got put on the back burner. But i have some good excuses, Baby P you constantly make me feel nauseous and i spend most of my free time in the recliner with the hot thing :-) So much has happened and i hope i can remember everything!!!!

On March 5th i has my second follow up ultrasound and everything went perfectly! I was so nervous going to the doctor that morning because i knew that what we saw would make the world of difference plus Grandma P was coming to visit that afternoon and i wanted a great update to tell everyone. And what did the ultrasound reveal .... a little beating heart :-) the most amazing thing i have ever seen!!!! You measured 6 weeks and 1 day instead of 7 like we had originally though so your estimated date of blessing this world is now 10-28, i am flipping back and forth between hoping for Halloween because i love Halloween and think it would be an awesome birthday OR a few days early so that i can dress you in a cute outfit for your first holiday and show you off :-) Either way you are going to have the best birthday parties ever!!!!!! I can't wait! We also got our first picture of you to take home, although you only look like a bean i know it is you <3 Four days before my appointment on Monday March 2 morning sickness or as it was for me midnight sickness had kicked in as well as sever exhaustion, building you is a lot of work! It is hard to keep my head from falling on my keyboard at work some days but i put on a smile and somehow find the strength to pull thought.

On March 25th i had my last follow up ultrasound, oh i should mention that the spotting finally stopped on February 28th :-) thank you god! I had been praying so much and so hard that the spotting would stop and that i would be comforted by the reassurance. At your 9 week appointment you Dad got to come with me :-) and i couldn't have been more happy to have him there! This time they tried to listen to you heartbeat with a doppler but couldn't hear it yet because you are still too little, the size of a grape actually, so they did a quick trans abdominal ultrasound (so much better than the other way). And there you where!!! It was amazing to see you jumping around like a little jumping bean, giving us a show of what is to come :-) It was so much more special to finally have your Dad there too and to be able to watch you for the first time together, it made it so much more real that you are on your way into our lives. At this point nausea has gotten progressively worse and lasting all day, i am 2-4 pounds less than before i was pregnant but i only have two pairs of pants that still fit me, ponder that!

As of today 4-2 i am 10 weeks and 1 day along, only two weeks left in the first trimester :-) i am hoping second trimester bliss hits soon!! But what i really can't wait for is feeling you move! I can't wait for that!!!!!

A few weeks ago we got work that your Dad might be getting a job offer, we think in Florida. I don't want to think about it because i want it to happen so badly so i don't want to get my hopes up. It would be a management job and such a wonderful opportunity for him. Why do i want to move well.... in Florida it is warm all year so we could go for walks all the time and play outside in the sun, your Dad can play year round softball, i would be able to stay home with you some days instead or working everyday--all evening might i add which means we can spend more time together as a family too, oh and plus you would grow up 15 minutes from Disney --how awesome would that be!!

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