Sunday, September 30, 2007

About Me

Hello fellow foodie bloggers. My name is Sarah and i will be Mrs. Alex P on May 10th :-) finally !! I am a Penn State Alum with a degree in Nutritional Science and the supervisor at the PSU Metabolic Diet Study Center. Alex and I will be moving to Avon, Indiana the end of May where he has accepted a job with QTG (Gatorade) and i will be job hunting (::sigh..:: i love my job now) but i am still very excited to move and me home owners :-) We have a almost three year old Maine Coon named Kinsey who is our little fur baby. I am so excited that i found my way onto The Nest's Whats Cookin' board because i have finally found a group of girls like me who love to cook and appease the hubs and share ideas about a common passion.

** Happy Cooking **

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