Monday, October 14, 2013

Packing Up and Smash Book

A few weeks before vacation i picked up a smash book at target on clearance for $3. I took it with us with the hopes of everyone jotting down memories throughout the trip and a way of keeping all of the things you collect during a vacation. It worked better then expect and I am so happy with the treasure it became! 
Here is what i took with me: the book and a ziplock with items to put it all together.
Inside the ziplock was  coordinating washi tape, pen and smash book pen which also has a glue stick, and two smash book tablets. Honestly the only thing i really ended up using was washi take, pen and glue stick!

 Lots of memories written by everyone

Once we got home i got our favorite pictures printed and stuck them in. On days when i had a lot i layered them like a flip book.
I collected receipts and small items from stores that i knew i could put in the book (like the little pirate coin from the Festival Island gift shop).

I also picked up buisness cards from almost everywhere we went!

sand from our private beach and a few small shells (i had more in there but it made the book really bulky)

 The top of our Duck Donuts box

Last pictures of the kiddos in the vacation house as Alex was loading up the car with last minute things before we hit the road.

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