Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy 10 Months Lucy

Dear Lucy,

10 months!?!? HOW!?!? Your first year is just cruising by and you are growing and changing so much each day. This month has been so much fun! I still cannot believe just how much you have changed in these last 10 months. From being a teeny tiny little 6 pounder that fit perfectly into preemie size jammies to well…my chunka munka baby girl that can easily wear 18-24 month size clothes. You went from hating sleep and to being a really really really great sleeper (7:30-7:30) and napper (sometimes we still get a short morning nap but always a solid nap in the afternoon 1-3). You are such a happy girl and it has been so fun to start to see your own unique personality start to develop lately.

You finally decided that crawling “normal” was acceptable and are now doing that instead of the “zombie drag” … Mama tried to do the “zombie drag” and girl that was HARD no wonder you have some muscles on those arms! You are also pulling up on everything, even flat surfaces like the door or wall. You are getting better at getting down by yourself but still tend to dive bomb the floor so we are still making sure to spot you at all times. Two weeks ago you started sitting yourself up from the crawling position and now do it from almost any position, this has been a great thing for you to learn because you are playing so well now that you can crawl to a toy, pick it up, and sit up and play. You also learned how to crawl up the steps and are super fast!
One thing that you really started to do this month was talk! WOW do you have a lot to say! You say Mama and Dada and know what you are saying; when we ask you where is Liam you will look right at him or where is dada/mama, you know whose who. You are also repeating A LOT. You also ask for a “bap” (what Liam always called a paci) when you (on the rare occasion) want a pacifier. You’ve said: Nigel, ball, duck, Elmo, turtle, fish, and a few others.

You, of course, are still a little foodie and love to eat and try new things. Still a fan of everything, it is wonderful, fun and makes my life so easy! You have been loving fresh local strawberries and blueberries and have finally taken to eating bananas which was one of the three foods (along with fresh green beans and white potatoes) that you have not been a fan of in the past. You are drinking from a sippy cup like a pro and are only have two bottles a day.
Your favorite toys this month have been your rattles and some of the Melissa and Doug musical instruments (maracas and “clapper”), soft blocks (especially the ones with the rattles in them), chunky puzzle pieces, and any of Liam’s little cars and trains. You have become a little speed demon in your walker! You literally run around the house and pretend you are playing extreme bumper cars most of the time. You turn on a dime and get around so well. You love walking (most of the time running) while holding onto our hands.

look at how you've grown.....


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

love how smiley she is in so many of those monthly photos! she is so precious. :)

Stephanie said...

There is too much cuteness in this post. That voice! Those pigtails! Happy 10 months Lucy!