Thursday, May 12, 2011

Liam Lately

Mothers Day. My boys got me a keurig and Alex and I LOVE IT!!


A bunch of random pictures from playing outside last night, enjoying the heat (with popsicles of course)IMG_5335IMG_5344IMG_5349IMG_5351IMG_5352



Remember when I thought that Liam LOVED Sesame Street? Well, I was wrong. The stint we has with Sesame was puppy love compared to our obsession with Thomas the Train. I was laughing so hard at Liam the other day because he says “Thomas” with a strong British accent (toe-MAS) and it is just the funniest and cutest thing ever! Of course he will not do it for me when I have the camera out but hopefully soon I will catch it. We have gotten to the point that his Gordon train (and his tender) have to go to bed with him at night because his grip on them is so strong. Then we sneak in before we go to bed to retrieve them so the poor kid isn’t sleeping on top a hard wooden train all night. The one good thing is that it is the one toy he can have in the grocery cart and I know it will never hit the floor.



Sarah said...

Landon LOOOOVES Thomas too!! Thomas really likes to cause confusion and delay quite often though. haha.

Anonymous said...

OMG - my older nephew was IN LOVE with Thomas. Took trains to bed with him and everywhere else, too. One of my favorite moments was the Christmas he was two. He opened a Toby train and when he saw it he beamed, started bouncing up and down (he literally couldn't contain the excitement) and chanted, "Toby, Toby, Toby!" It was priceless. Too bad the trains are so pricey. But he at least played with them for years.