Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Iced In

Ice storms are not something that Alex and I grew up experiencing and today was a first for us. We got iced in and learned that we are not fans! 179429_1496503466996_1666382382_1050225_2334639_n 

It started last night around 6pm and went all night long. This morning we woke, luckily with power, to a solid half inch of ice covering everything. There are literally pictures people have posted on news facebook page of them ice skating (with skates on) down streets. Luckily, Alex was able to stay home with us today. They had to close the plant because they could not get supply trucks in for any to work. IMG_4859

For a few hours we got a break before the big ice storm hit….eye yiyi. Around 4pm the sleet got so loud we had to turn the volume up on the tv to hear it! It is suppose to go the majority of the night then turn into snow and we are likely going to get 3 inches of snow on top of the inches of ice we already have. Oy……


Hopefully we will all be home safe and sound again tomorrow.


Liam did enjoy his grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner, a perfect dinner for being iced in!

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