Monday, January 17, 2011

Liam Lately..

Last week Liam and I baked some oh so yummy chocolate cupcakes. He is an excellent sous-chef and taste tester.


This face just makes me laugh. Liam modeling his new slippers I made for him today (tutorial and announcement to come about these).


Alex was off today (and tomorrow, wahooo) so we went out to lunch today. This was Liam and I before we left.


The boy got his first kids meal today, grilled cheese, oranges, and a few fries…with apple juice in a big kids cup. He loved it and was beyond a good boy all day today!


Watching a little Sesame Street on Daddy’s phone.


Sooooo… Liam learned to climb on the couch all by himself last week…oy vey.. luckily he only wants to sit on the couch when one of us are on there too. He just LOVES to climb on everything..011211091819

He got crazy good at using a spoon and fork. Now if only he would actually eat the food that he gets on there so nicely. The other morning He had found Alex’s empty ice cream cup from Sonic and was pretending to eat…silly boy.


On Thursday we had a coloring party! He loved it and did so good (so much better than when i was trying to get him to color Thanksgiving cards back in November).


His first picture hanging on the fridge.


Tonight was an epic night, no really it was. I won a game…none the less be it an xbox game! I took multiple screen shots so i would never forget the sweet victory.

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Sara said...

He looks like such a bog boy in the picture from lunch! His hair is getting long.

The Small Fry said...

First of all, that cupcake look so good! I love Liam's picture modeling his new slippers, so cute. And I see he likes to play with cellphones too! Oh,and Jordan did his artwork this weekend too. Aren't toddlers fun? :)

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Wow, that cupcake looks amazing!! You have some serious skills, woman! :)

Bev Johnston said...

Congrats on the win! That is huge! I can remember the one time I beat Wayne at Chess... I remember because I swore to never play him again. I need to just keep that win :-)

I'm loving those slippers Liam has on!!!

Hope to see you guys tomorrow!